The tech world's analysts and leakers rarely agree on anything, and they are finding it particularly difficult to concur on how well Apple will manage to stick to its schedules this autumn. However, we appear to be heading towards some kind of consensus: Qualcomm hinted during the week that the upcoming iPhone 12 series will be delayed, and the well-known YouTuber Jon Prosser now (partly) agrees with this.

Prosser adds that Apple may have new iPad models planned for the autumn, but that even these will not be ready for launch until October. As for the iPhone, he says it's possible that we'll see a launch event in September, but that actual sales will be postponed to October. This is what the company did with, for example, the iPhone XR.

These comments pre-date the startling admission by Apple, at its earnings report, that the iPhone 12 will indeed be delayed. But the firm was cagey about dates, saying only that it would launch a few weeks later than usual. We don't know if this means mid- or late September, or well into October.

Jon Prosser has previously been eerily right on some points, but wrong on other details, such as the rumour that Apple would rename iOS to iPhone OS. As usual, it remains to be seen in the autumn what is true and what is pure guesswork.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.