The Apple rumoursphere keeps changing its mind about when this autumn's new iPhone models will be launched... and it's just changed its mind again.

According to the Taiwanese site Digitimes, production of the iPhone 12 will begin next month. The two 6.1in models will be released first, followed by 5.4in and 6.7in models. (The models aren't being manufactured at the same time because they use different components.)

If this latest information is correct, it looks like we'll see a launch in September/October as usual, although some analysts still argue that it may take until November before the devices show up in stores.

We'd take all of this with multiple pinches of salt, however. This year we've heard that the iPhone 12 will be delayed by a month and that it will be delayed until 2021. Nobody knows Apple's plans for sure at this point - possibly not even Apple itself, which may have to alter plans on the fly in response to changing health conditions around the world.

In related news, Apple is also rumoured to be making fewer units than normal. Lots of people have lost their jobs amid the current economic downturn, and a new mobile phone is hardly top of the agenda for the newly unemployed.

This article originally appeared on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price.