Foxconn has reportedly commenced production of Apple's upcoming iPhone 12 at its factory in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

To recruit enough workers for what is clearly a top-priority project, the company is offering a finder's fee of 9,000 yuan (roughly £990, or $1,300) for information about qualified workers, MacRumors reports.

In total, four different models will be manufactured and these will probably be named iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The sizes will range from 5.4in to 6.7in.

The new models are expected to go on sale in October, which is a little later than usual. They may follow a staggered release schedule; it's believed that Apple may launch the 6.1in models first, and the 5.4in and 6.7in models a little later.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price. Main image by Svetapple.