Pictures of iPhone 13 dummies circulating on Twitter seem to confirm the worst fears of some fans: the only recognisable change to the iPhone design this year will be the camera placement on the back. So how can Apple make the new iPhones stand out as different?

These so-called iPhone 13 dummies, i.e. inoperable devices, are coveted by manufacturers of accessories as they use them in order to be able to produce new protective covers and cases as quickly as possible following the launch.

If they are legitimate the pictures show devices that are very similar to the iPhone 12 generation, suggesting that the next iPhone will continue to adhere to the angular design fo the iPhone 12.

How the iPhone 13 will look different

It's not all the same though. The images do indicate that the notch will be minimally smaller and the camera of the iPhone 13 will be arranged diagonally.

This camera design decision has caused a lot of discussion on the internet: some are fans of the new camera design, others find the design "boring" or "ugly".

With the design so similar to the current generation how is Apple going to differentiate? One suggestion is that the company will introduce at least one new colour for the iPhone 13. The iPhone 11 Pro came in black, green, red, purple, white and yellow. The iPhone 12 dropped yellow and initially came in black, green, red, white, and blue, until Apple released a purple iPhone 12 in the spring. Which colours will the new iPhone 13 come in?

What colours will the iPhone 13 come in?

Technology leaker Max Weinbach suggested in a YouTube video earlier this year that there are one or two new colour finishes coming. He said the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will be sold in a matt-black finish as well as silver, gold, graphite and blue

In addition, Weinbach believes there may be a new orangey bronze colour finish. Read more here: iPhone 13 could be sold in orange and matt-black finishes.

We know that Apple is lead by fashion in its decisions about colour trends, so we can look to the fashion industry for ideas of the hues that Apple might choose.

The Pantone Color Institute and Shutterstock released their 2021 colour trend predictions back in February 2021. The colours of the year were decreed to be:

  • Illuminating - a bright yellow hue
  • Ultimate Gray

And these colours were on the list for the fall/autumn of 2021:

  • Mykonos Blue - a bright blue color "evocative of the Aegean Sea."
  • Leprechaun - a vibrant green color inspired by the leprechauns of Irish folklore.
  • Fuchsia Fedora - hot pink hue.
  • Pale Rosette - soft, romantic pink.
  • Adobe - warm orange hue with a dark undertone.
  • Fire Whirl - "vigorous red with a dynamic presence."
  • Rhodonite - dark blue-based purple.
  • Spring Lake - "quiet and restful" blue hue.
  • Root Beer - like the "root bark of the sassafras tree".
  • Coconut Cream - off-white hue "thick and rich velvety white."
  • Soybean - soft yellow, a "mild and companionable blonde beige."
  • Olive Branch - sage green.

So, Apple, how about: Aegean Blue, Leprachaun Green, Hot Pink, Warm Orange, Dynamic Red, Velvet White, Blonde Beige, and Sage Green?

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Adapted from an article on Macwelt.