With a little over two months to go before Apple unveils its new iPhone handsets for 2021, the company's international supply chain is gearing up for the immense task of meeting worldwide demand for the new devices. And we now know which suppliers have got the gig this year, and roughly how they will split the work.

A new (paywalled) report from the Taiwanese supply-chain news site DigiTimes names the companies which will manufacture this autumn's new iPhone models.

As usual, Foxconn will take care of most of the production, but Pegatron and Luxshare will also get their fair share of work. There has been some confusion over the 5.4in iPhone 13 mini model, which initial reports thought would be exclusively produced by Pegatron; we now know that this too will be shared with Foxconn.

MacRumors reports that Foxconn will remain the "primary assembler" for the new iPhones.

Most of the production will take place in China, but sources say there will probably be an increase in the production that takes place in India. In the past some analysts have argued that Apple is keen to diversify its supply chain to give it more ability to walk away from suppliers when human-rights concerns are raised; last November Apple suspended new business with Pegatron over alleged labour violations.

The new models are expected to be shown at an event in September, so expect lots more rumours between now and then. Catch up with the latest gossip in our iPhone 13 news hub, or pick up a bargain on a current model with our roundup of the best iPhone deals.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation and additional reporting by David Price.