The two most expensive versions of the iPhone 14 will get a huge camera upgrade, according to the latest analyst report seen by MacRumors.

Following years of exclusively 12MP rear-facing cameras - stretching back to the iPhone 6s, from 2015 - Apple is finally going to bump that particular spec in 2022. And the company will make up for lost time by quadrupling the megapixel rating to 48MP on the wide-angle lens.

This upgrade will apply to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max only; the expected iPhone 14 and 14 Max (following the discontinuation of the mini line) will remain on 12MP, according to Jeff Pu. Note too that other rear-facing lenses on the Pro models - the ultra wide and telephoto - will also stick to 12MP.

Is the rumour plausible? Ordinarily we would say no. It's a surprisingly drastic upgrade to a spec that Apple has historically shown little interest in: while rivals have released smartphones with triple-digit megapixel ratings, the company highlights the fact that sensor size and quality are more critical if you want to capture great photos, as we explain in How to choose the best camera phone.

The analyst, too, is not someone who has been noted for reliability: AppleTrack currently gives Pu an accuracy rating of just 53.3%, admittedly from a relatively small sample size.

But hold up, because there's corroborating evidence - or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Pu himself is providing corroboration for an earlier claim. The more reliable, albeit still fallible, Ming-Chi Kuo was predicting 48MP (and 8K video recording) as early as April of this year.

Pu adds that the Pro models will get a bump from 6GB of RAM in the current generation to 8GB next year.

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