The next-generation iPhone will not be the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 4S and will closely resemble the iPhone 4, according to a new report.

The claims of Greek website DigitalLife were picked up by Pocket Lint and suggest that those waiting for an all-new design will be disappointed.

Instead, the iPhone 4S will be largely similar to the iPhone 4, with a few key differences - the camera will have an 8MP sensor and will be capable of capturing full HD video at 30fps, have a double antenna and contain an A5 processor, the same as that contained in the iPad 2.

It will launch on 21 October - the same date named by an O2 customer services representative a couple of weeks back - and Pocket Lint seems convinced that the source of the information is reliable.

This information tallies with what analyst Brian Blair of Wedge Partners said earlier this week about the specification of the next-generation iPhone, as well as a source in the Chinese supply chain who said that there would be "no iPhone 5 this year".

However, former vice-president and Apple board member Al Gore said that there would be "new iPhones in October" (note the plural" earlier this week at a conference in South Africa, while JP Morgan's Mark Moskowitz said there would be two new iPhones, as does Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore.

The claims will come as a disappointment to those who believe that the next-generation iPhone will have curved edges and a tapered back, though there is no information in the latest report about whether the screen of the new model will remain the same size or be larger.

We're currently expecting an announcement on 4 October at a media event to be hosted by Apple's new CEO Tim Cook, though we're yet to see any invitations.