The iPhone 5 will launch on Friday 21 October, a member of staff at UK network operator O2 has been quoted as saying.

However, the report from the Know Your Mobile website seems somewhat doubtful - it seems unlikely that even top executives at O2 would know the launch date at the moment.

Know Your Mobile reports that a tipster contacted the website to say that was what they had been told by O2 customer service. No additional information about the handset was divulged, though the site seems to think that this tip-off is 'concrete'.

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As we see it, there are a couple of possibilities here - either the O2 rep was quoting a rumour he or she had heard as fact, or the iPhone 5 launch date is widely known among O2's call centre staff and they're doing a very good job of keeping the information to themselves, telling only one potential customer and not leaking the information directly to the press themselves.

So, forgive us if we don't share KYM's certainty that 21 October will be the day. We are pretty sure that October is the right month, though, with iOS 5 seemingly nearing completion.