EE iPhone 5 4G Contract Plan

The UK’s sole supplier of 4G mobile internet, EE (Everything Everywhere), announced today pricing and contract details for its 4G LTE service. The 4G LTE service will be available from 30 October 2012.

The news is of major interest to iPhone 5 owners, who will be able to use the 4G LTE mobile data download service with their new handsets. 4G LTE provides considerably faster data download speed, and a more persistent and reliable internet connection than the 3G service most people currently use.

As we expected, EE is charging a premium for its new service, and iPhone 5 owners looking to use 4G will have to pay consierably more than 3G contract owners, as well as take out a 12 or 24 month contract with EE.

The plans are organised by data usage from £21 per month (on a 12 month contract) for 500MB. The monthly charges are:

EE 4G data only plan

500MB - £21

1GB - £26

3GB - £31

5GB - £36 

EE iPhone 5 and 4G internet contract plan

If you wish to purchase an iPhone 5 handset on contract from  EE you will have to pay the following up front fee:

iPhone 5 16 GB - £179

iPhone 5 32 GB - £269

iPhone 5 64 GB - £379 

Alonside the initial fee you will also need to pay the following monthly plan (on a 24 month contract): 

500MB - £36

1GB - £41

3GB - £46

5GB - £51

8GB - £56

All plans include unlimited calls and texts.

Mobile data networks have been getting ready to bid on the spectrum used by 4G internet, and expressed surprise when OFCOM allowed EE to set up its service early. It’s clear that EE is charging a premium for its service, but 4G early adopters may be willing to pay for the privalege. The price is much higher than that charged by 3G networks (Three, for example, charges just £89 for an iPhone  5 32GB handset and £37 for unlimited data on a similar £24 month contract). 

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We hope to test out the EE 4G network soon to see what tangible benefits it offers.  

Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, said: "We're proud to be leading the way and pioneering the roll out of 4G in the UK. With our new brand and unique 4G and fibre services, we will deliver consumers and businesses across the country next-generation services and a superior level of support."

"Our new plans have been developed to offer our customers everything they have been asking for – superfast performance, choice and value – as well as a fresh approach to pricing and customer service that offers accessibility, flexibility and guidance every step of the way."

Click here to visit the EE site for more information