New photographs that have been leaked online appear to show the motherboard of Apple's next-generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, including a quad-core Apple A7 chip and 2GB of RAM.

If Apple follows its traditional release format, it's likely that the next iPhone will be the iPhone 5S, and will have an exterior design that is almost identical to the iPhone 5, but with improved internals.

The latest leaked images, which were published by iOSDoc on Monday and came from a "very reliable source," show an alleged iPhone 5S motherboard that looks much like the iPhone 5's, backing up the theory that the next iPhone will have a similar design.

However, the obvious difference is the presence of an Apple A7 processor chip, which is expected to replace the A6 chip currently found in the iPhone 5. According to the source, the A7 processor is quad-core, clocked at 1.2GZ. The A6 is a dual-core chip at 1.3Ghz.


The report claims that the A7 chip will feature the fourth-generation iPad's PowerVR quad-core SGX554MP4 graphics processor, widening the gaming possibilities for the iPhone, but also decreasing battery life.

The iPhone 5S will also have a RAM boost, up from 1GB to 2GB, to improve performance and multi-tasking, says the report.

The source also notes that the iPhone 5S will run iOS 7, which will have highly improved Siri that can "do a lot of new cool stuff," but no further details about Apple's next mobile operating system were divulged.

It's unclear whether the newly leaked images are legitimate, but it seems likely that Apple will introduce an A7 chip with its next iPhone to bring performance boosts to the device.

In January, photos of alleged leaked iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 parts surfaced online, suggesting that Apple could be working on two new iPhones for launch this year.

Other rumours have mentioned three different iPhone models that could be in the works at Apple. The first is the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, the next generation of Apple's current iPhone, the second a low-cost 'iPhone mini', and the third a larger iPhone to address the 'Phablet' market.

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