When MagSafe charging arrived on the iPhone 12 we speculated that Apple could eventually introduce reverse charging. According to current rumours, Apple is to present this feature in the autumn.

Reverse charging, a feature that has been enjoyed by Android users for quite a while, looks set for the next generation iPhone (aka iPhone 13 or 12s).

The new technology allows accessories (such as a smartwatch or Bluetooth headphones) to be inductively charged by placing them on the back of the smartphone.

According to Max Weinbach, the reverse charging feature will feature in the new iPhone when it arrives this autumn. Whether it could charge an Apple Watch, for example, is unclear, but Weinbach assumes that it is at least possible to charge AirPods - provided, of course, that you have AirPods with an inductive charging case.

Weinbach made his claimes in this EverythingApplePro video. It is thought that the entire MagSafe system will be larger as we discussed here: iPhone 13 'will get stronger MagSafe magnets'.

Reverse charging on iPhone 12

Apparently the existence of MagSafe on the iPhone 12 series means that those handsets are already able to charge accessories on the back of the iPhone, but this is currently prevented by software. Back in October 2020 this possibility was discussed on Twitter. (More: iPhone 12 may be able to reverse charge new AirPods)

In fact even the iPhone 11 in 2019 had some components that could have been used to to wirelessly charge another device. It seems strange that Apple hasn't implemented the technology until now - assuming it will do.