The iPhone SE 2020 goes on sale this Friday, 24 April but pre-orders have begun. The device starts at £419, which makes it the most affordable Apple handset – but for those of you who don't have hundreds of pounds to spend in one go, there are loads of contract deals to choose from.

And we mean loads...which does make it difficult to choose.

A bit of digging however helped us find a few big data offers on the new iPhone SE without upfront costs that are less than £30 per month. One of those plans costs just £21.75 per month with 60GB of data. Here's how you can find these deals too.

Look at iPhone SE cashback offers

A plan that caught our eye first was a cashback offer via Quidco which would earn you £80 cashback if you bought a Vodafone pay monthly plan from Carphone Warehouse.

The plan includes 72GB of data, tripled from 24GB, with no upfront cost for £35 per month. This amounts to £31.66 per month when you include the cashback value from Quidco. Not bad, right?

We wanted to find something cheaper.

Carphone Warehouse doesn't often do cashback directly so we decided to look at a bunch of other retailers that do, such as, Affordable Mobiles, Mobiles Phones Direct, Fonehouse – the list goes on (see all retailers offering the new iPhone SE 2020 in our deals round up.

This led us to two standout iPhone SE deals from Affordable Mobiles that were even stronger than Carphone Warehouse's cashback offer (both plans are on EE):

  • 75GB of data for £27.75 per month, no upfront costs (with £318 cashback) 
  • 90GB of data for £28.50 per month, no upfront costs (with £348 cashback)

We also found a more cost-effective plan from Mobile Phones Direct (on O2) with 60GB of data for £23.50 and with no upfront fees (with £396 cashback). This saves £8.16 per month compared to the plan from Carphone Warehouse, which over a 24-month contract amounts to a saving of £195.84.

But you can get this plan for even cheaper...

Find the same deal via Quidco for more savings

Access those same deals via Quidco and earn even more cashback.

Quidco: Affordable Mobiles

On Quidco, head to Affordable Mobiles or Mobile Phones Direct's page and look at the offers under "Online cashback rates". New customers to Affordable Mobiles can earn another £40 cashback on the plans while Mobile Phones Direct customers can earn £42 back.

If you buy Mobile Phones Direct's 60GB plan with O2, you'll earn the £42 cashback on your Quidco account within 6 hours – which effectively reduces the monthly rate to £21.75 per month.

Similarly, Affordable Mobiles's 75GB plan reduces to around £26 per month while its 90GB plan reduces to £26.83 per month.

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