iPhone users have been portrayed as zombies, in the latest advert to try to sell smartphones by taking the mickey out of Apple fans.

In its latest smartphone ad campaign, Nokia has suggested iPhone users are zombies.

Nokia has launched an advert for its Lumia 925 smartphone which takes a dig at Apple and its millions of iPhone users. See also: Group test: what's the best Windows phone?

In the advert we see a Nokia Lumia 925 user walking the streets late at night who is confronted by numerous zombies. They are clearly all using iPhones and taking pictures aimlessly with a flash. It seems the result of this is that the subjects come out pale-faced and red-eyed.

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Nokia is labelling iPhone users as braindead zombies with little intelligence, while also taking a poke at the photographic capabilities of the iPhone.

The tagline at the end reads: "The best pictures in any light. Even without the flash. The new Nokia Lumia 925."

Plants vs Zombies

Apple fans queueing up to buy the iPhone 5

It's the latest in what can be described as a marketing war between smartphone makers which has included Samsung recently poking fun at the iPhone's lack of features and the apparent stupidity of its users.

The Lumia 925 is on sale now and offers a 4.5in screen and an 8Mp PureView camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. Nokia is also expected to announce a Lumia EOS PureView in New York on 11 July, which will supposedly come with a whopping 41Mp camera strapped to it.

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