If you like listening to loud music on your iPhone, you may have noticed that the sound volume can suddenly decrease significantly, thanks - or no thanks, depending on your view - to an automated feature designed to protect your hearing.

Regardless of its good intentions, many iPhone owners have found the feature annoying and disruptive. These users will be pleased to hear that the iOS 14.4 update replaces it with a dialog box that tells you the volume should be reduced.

In other words, it's now again up to you to decide the volume of your music, something that many people will appreciate. Turning off the warning altogether does not seem possible, although it may arrive in a future update of iOS.

As well as this change iOS 14.4 includes a number of important security fixes. Here's how to update iOS on your iPhone.

If you're worried about hearing loss, take a look at How to set a maximum volume limit on iPhone.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.