Apple's finally done it. The iPhone SE 2 is here. And we're looking at where you can buy one right now.

Apple announced the iPhone SE 2 on 15 April, started pre-orders started 17 April  and started shipping Friday, 24 April. But with demand high, you may need to wait as long as up to two weeks in both the UK and US if you buy directly from Apple.

Thankfully, loads of other retailers (though not all of them) have the phones in stock and you can get free next day delivery too.

Here we're looking at all the places you can buy the iPhone SE 2 SIM-free and on contract. We're also pointing out which retailers have the handset in stock if you're looking for a quick delivery turnaround.

How much does the iPhone SE cost?

First up: cost. Apple's latest and most affordable iPhone starts at £419/US$399. It's available in a few different configurations:

  • iPhone SE (2020, 64GB): £419/$399
  • iPhone SE (2020, 128GB): £469/$449
  • iPhone SE (2020, 256GB): £569/$549

The phone are available in white, black and (Product)Red.

We look at the price of the iPhone SE - and how it compares to the price in the US here.

As with all iPhone purchases now, you get a year of Apple TV+ included for free.

In terms of design it's closer to the iPhone 8, which means it isn't quite as small as the 4in original iPhone SE, which was discontinued in 2018.

Instead, you get a 4.7in display with a 12Mp rear-facing camera and 7Mp front-facing camera, all powered with an A13 Bionic processor. You also get IP67 water and dust resistance. If you want to get into the nitty-gritties, here's everything there is to know about the iPhone SE 2.

Where to buy the iPhone SE (2020) SIM-free

The iPhone SE 2 is now available to buy directly from Apple but deliveries will take up to two weeks. If you want it sooner, you can also buy it SIM-free from a number of other retailers (listed below), 

Retailers offering iPhone SE 2 SIM-free:

You can use our tool below, which updates automatically, to see the best price for the device:

Retailer Price Delivery  

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Where to buy the iPhone SE (2020) on contract

As expected, you can pick up the new iPhone SE from a number of different networks.

Orders from Mobiles, which offers free next day delivery, include free pair of 2nd generation Apple AirPods with a non-wireless charging case worth £139 on select contract plans. Carphone Warehouse is also participating in the free AirPods offer. Meanwhile, Virgin is also bundling a pair of AirPods for an additional £4 per month, which works out to £96 and saves you £43.

Deals from O2 include 6 months of Disney Plus for free.

Retailers offering the iPhone SE 2020 on contract:

We've also compared the original iPhone SE to the iPhone SE 2 if you want to know what kind of of upgrades and differences to expect.

Our tool below automatically finds the best contract offers on the iPhone SE: