The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been available to buy for some time now, but there was a third phone unveiled during Apple’s September event that has now made its way into stores: the iPhone XR. The iPhone XR is expected to be hugely popular, with its premium features that come with a (slightly) more affordable price tag. But it’s still expensive, so you’ll want to find a great iPhone XR deal.

Here, we bring you the very best iPhone XR deals. Our experts are continuously scouring the web for the best prices, both SIM-free and on contract.

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iPhone XR price & availability

The iPhone XR became available to pre-order on 19 October, and began shipping a week later on 26 October. It’s available in six colours: White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral and (PRODUCT)RED.

You can choose between 64GB, 128GB or 256GB built-in storage, priced as follows:

  • 64GB: £749/US$749
  • 128GB: £799/$799
  • 256GB: £899/$899

You can find out everything you need to know about the iPhone XR here. Plus check out the best cases for the iPhone XR.

Where to buy the iPhone XR

You can buy the iPhone XR from the following retailers and networks:

In the US, you'll be able to buy the iPhone XR from:

iPhone XR contract deals

Best unlimited data deals for iPhone XR: If you want a deal that includes all the works – unlimited data, text and minutes – the best plans we’re seeing are from Three and Virgin Mobile at the moment.

From Three, you can get an unlimited plan for £99 upfront and £50 per month. You can also choose from bundle deals that include either the Apple AirPods or Beats Solo 3 headphones (though this increases the monthly rate on the unlimited plan to £56 and £58, respectively, depending on which headset you choose).

Virgin is also offering an unlimited plan without an upfront cost, at £51 per month – this is over a 36 month period however and is only available to existing Virgin TV and broadband customers. View this deal here.

Cheapest monthly deals for iPhone XR: If you’re after a cheap monthly rate, you usually have to pay more upfront, and lower monthly rates often mean limited data allowances too. If this isn’t a deal-breaker, the cheapest plan we’ve found so far is from ID Mobile.

It’s a a 1GB plan with 500 minutes and unlimited texts for £27.99 per month and £249.99 upfront (though trading in your old phone could reduce the upfront cost to zero). It’s not the most impressive in terms of data and minutes, but it is the cheapest monthly plan. View this deal here.

For slightly more per month you could get 15GB of data for £34 per month from O2 with a £190 upfront cost. See this deal here.

Carphone Warehouse

You can often find competitive deals from Carphone Warehouse, some of which are only available online. For instance, from O2 you can get 100GB of data for £49 per month and £99 upfront. View this deal here.

Similarly, EE has an online-only deal where with a lower upfront fee of £59.99, which gets you 60GB of data for £58 per month. View this deal here.

Mobilephones Direct

Mobilephones Direct is another place where you can source good contract deals. We’re seeing deals with reasonable upfront and monthly costs for sizeable data plans on the 64GB iPhone XR model.

You can get a 100GB plan from Vodafone for £56 per month, without an upfront cost. View deal here.

If you prefer to spend less on a monthly basis, you can get 45GB of data for £43 per month with a £129 upfront cost from EE. See this deal here.

For a middle ground between monthly and upfront costs with a reasonable data package, you can also get a 30GB data plan from EE for £48 per month and £45 up front. View this deal here.

You can, of course, scope out deals from network providers directly.


From Vodafone, you can get 42GB of data on a Red Entertainment plan. It costs £57 per month and has a £49 upfront cost, but it includes a 24-month subscription to either Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, Now TV Entertainment, or Sky Sports Mobile TV. Get this deal here.

Additionally, select plans from Vodafone will also take £10 off the monthly rate if you trade in your old iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. For instance, a 26GB plan with unlimited minutes and text plan comes down to £40 per month from £50 (with a £49 upfront cost). View this deal from Vodafone here.


O2 offers a customizable plan where you can choose the upfront cost (starting from £30), the number of months for your contract, and the monthly data allowance. This generates your monthly cost.

The cheapest combination gets you 2GB of data over 36 months with a £30 upfront cost. Depending on what you choose you can also get a 40% off cinema tickets for 24 months. The cheapest plan that qualifies for the cinema offer is with 20GB per month over 36 months with a £30 upfront cost and a £51.66 monthly cost.

See O2 contract deals for the iPhone XR here.


EE has a number of pre-order plans for the iPhone XR that you can find directly on its website, though prices start at £54 for a 1GB plan with a £100 upfront cost. If you prefer being with EE, you are more likely to find better deals via Carphone Warehouse or other sites that collect deals from different providers. for instance has EE deals with 30GB of data for £48 per month with a £40 up front cost. See this deal here.

Similarly,, has an EE deal with 60GB of data with no upfront costs at £58. Get this deal here.

Other places to check for iPhone XR contract deals include Tesco Mobile, GiffGaffSky Mobile and BT Mobile.

You can also use the sliders to on our comparison tool below to find the deal that’s best for your needs and budget. It’s always updated so you don’t miss out on great deals. If you can’t see the tool, click here for a version that’s optimised for your device.

iPhone XR SIM-free deals

If you’d prefer to buy the iPhone XR SIM-free, there are plenty of places you’ll find it available. The following retailers are among those that should offer the iPhone XR outright, but don’t forget to make sure you’ve got a SIM-only contract to go with it.