If you didn't preorder an iPhone 6 Plus, prepare for a lengthy wait.

Several wireless carriers and Apple's online store are reporting delays of several weeks to two months for the larger of the two new iPhones.

T-Mobile, for example, got out the news this morning it wouldn't have any supplies of the iPhone 6 Plus in store, but would be able to honor all preorders.  As a perk, the company will throw in free shipping to anyone who comes in to a T-Mobile store to order one from today through the weekend, according to a company representative.

The wait times are fairly lengthy with Verizon as well, with the company's web site displaying a shipping date of October 24 for an iPhone 6 Plus order. Sprint did not specify a timeline, only that shipping was delayed. Early November was the earliest AT&T could promise a device.

The best option is probably Apple's retail store, with the shipping time listed from three to four weeks. Jump on it early, though, as those times could change rather quickly--the iPhone 6 Plus looks to be the more popular model. Otherwise, you could be in for a long wait or need to pay an excessive amount of money to an online retailer like eBay.