The Macworld UK team unwraps 12 Christmas gadgets, from the Furby Boom to luxury Parrot Zik headphones. Watch the video to see each gadget in action, and find out more about the featured products below.

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Twelve South BookBook Travel Journal - £89.95

The latest addition to the BookBook family is the Travel Journal, and we rather like it. It's designed as a case for your iPad – either the iPad Air or iPad mini – but also has lots of pockets and space to allow you to carry loads more within it. In addition to your iPad, you could fit headphones, a mouse, a stylus, a battery pack, cables, batteries and more, to keep everything you need in one place.

As always, we love the bookish design, disguising your tech as a hefty old-fashioned novel. Plus, made from real leather, the BookBook has a luxury look and feel.

Christmas presents for media junkies

Furby Boom - £49.99

The Furby has made a come-back, and this time it's more high-tech. Not only are its eyes now digital (which, as our one of the Macworld UK team pointed out, means you can use the Furby in the dark), the Furby now works with an iPad or iPhone app. Pairing the Furby with the app means you can choose its name (which it'll repeat back to you), give the Furby a wash, feed it, hatch Furblings (baby Furbies, in case you're wondering) and more.

While perhaps quite annoying for those who aren't using it (we couldn't find a volume control) it'll keep kids entertained for hours.

Braven 710 - £149.99

The Braven 710 portable wireless speaker is a splash-proof, aluminium Bluetooth speaker for iPhone and iPad that can also be used as a speakerphone, and can give your device a battery boost, too. If you have two Braven 710s, you can pair them together using TrueWireless Technology for true right and left stereo sound.

Christmas presents for gadget geeks

Griffin Kazoo MyPhones - £19.99

These kid's headphones – available in Frog or Penguin designs – have a volume-limiting feature to protect the little listener's ears. At just £19.99, we think these are a brilliantly fun present that will not only keep the kids happy, but will also mean you don't have to listen to the cartoons they're watching on the iPad while you're trying to watch the footy.

Maroo Kope for iPad Air - £49.99

For iPad Air owners, the Maroo Kope folio case is a stylish and durable way to keep it safe from bumps and scratches. Available in a variety of colours, the Kope has a foldable front cover that doubles as a stand for FaceTime and typing angles.

AR Basketball app mug - £9.95

This one surprised us a little, as it's actually more fun than we expected. By downloading the fee app, iPhone owners can play an augmented reality basketball game while enjoying a cuppa.

Christmas presents for the creative pro

Parrot Zik - £299.99

Parrot has added new colour options to its Parrot ZIK wireless headphones. Now, in addition to the black and silver model of the headphones, there are also new Yellow Gold, Black Gold and Rose Gold versions available.

The headphones have some pretty nifty features, too, including touch panel controls, NFC and even technology that automatically pauses the music when you take the headphones off your ears.

Magic Moving Monkey Speaker, Magic Music Rabbit - £24.95

The Magic Moving Monkey Speaker and its buddy, the Magic Music Rabbit, are speakers that actually dance in time with the music. Perhaps not the most amazing sound quality in the world, but they're only £24.95 each, and they're really rather cute.

TYLT Energi+ backpack - £169.99

This is a backpack with a difference. As well as being sturdy and big enough to carry all your kit, it also has a rechargeable 10,400mAh 4.1A battery, that lets you charge up to three devices simultaneously. With dedicated cutouts between compartments, you can keep your devices in separate pockets and still give them a battery boost.

Christmas presents for a tech-loving female

iRecorder - £29.95

This iPhone speaker is retro-tastic. Yes, we did just write that. It looks like a portable cassette player, but actually, it's a portable cassette player shaped speaker that you can plug your iPhone into. Buttons on the front provide play, skip and volume controls, and there's a carry handle, too (although make sure you've shut it properly before carrying!).

Snap Remote - £14.95

Group selfies no longer require participation from strangers, waitresses that are not amused or that outstretched arm thing. Now, with Snap Remote, you can take a group photo without touching the iPhone. It's effectively a remote control, and it also comes with a handy stand. You'll just need to download the free app on your iPhone for it to work.

Christmas presents for wannabe Beethovens

Water Dancing Speakers - £34.95

We found the Water Dancing Speakers quite amusing, and we think they're perfect for a teenager's room. The sound quality is a bit lacking, especially due to the noise that the dancing water makes, but we found them quite mesmerising, especially in the dark.

Christmas presents for travelling tech-lovers