Apple has released a moving new Christmas-themed advert for the iPhone 5s, titled 'Misunderstood'.

The ad shows a familiar scenario: a teenager that appears to be more interested in his iPhone than spending time with his family. There's a twist, of course, as we soon discover that the boy has in fact been creating a Christmas video using his iPhone 5S, which he proceeds to share with his family using AirPlay and an Apple TV.

While Apple cleverly shows off the iPhone 5s's camera capabilities and the simplicity of iMovie, I can't help but question the advert a little. The kid is isolated from his family for much of the first part of the ad, so whether he's making a movie or not he's still missing out on family interaction. Plus, he doesn’t really look like he's enjoying himself, does he?

But perhaps that's just me being a Scrooge. There's no denying it's a sweet notion and I particularly like that Apple has uploaded the 'Harris Family Holiday' video to its YouTube channel too (below).

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