Will the iPhone 6 include a barometer and is that a big deal?

Forbes reports that yes, iPhone 6 will most probably will have an integrated barometer in it after 9toMac5 discovered reference to it in multiple lines of iOS 8 code.

We all know that barometers measure air pressure and help in checking weather.

Why is it important?

"With Apple's growing focus on health and sport, being able to analyse microclimates quickly would have major benefits to runners, cyclists, hikers and even those just walking to the shops," says Gordon Kelly in Forbes.

He also says that the barometer might have 'a far bigger role in iOS 8 than just giving granular weather predictions'.

According to 9to5Mac, the barometer functionality is 'tied into updated CoreMotion APIs which would open it up to app developers - notably for smart home integration'.

So, with this, app developers might come up with apps that will tell you if it is going to rain before you leave the house. It might also tie to calendar events. These functionalities might be useful for wearables, and 'like the much rumoured iWatch - as it could deliver fast, accurate climate information almost instantaneously'.

All this sounds interesting. But is this really innovation? Kelly points out that even if the iPhone 6 indeed comes with a barometer, 'it won't be the first handset on the market to do so. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 all feature barometers'.