With the iPhone 6 launch and release date just around the corner: the money is on 9 September for the Apple iPhone 6 launch event and 19 September for the on-sale date of the new iPhone 6. As usual in the run up to Apple's biggest event of the year we are seeing more and more leaked images of the new iPhone 6, along with the odd hands on video claiming to depict the newest Apple iPhone. You can see all the leaked images and iPhone 6 videos here.

iPhone 6 preview | iPhone 6L preview

This time we can report on a rumour we have heard directly from one of our sources who claims to have held the iPhone 6 in his own hands. For obvious reasons he (or was it a she) has asked to remain anonymous.

According to our source, the new iPhone 6 looks more like a small iPad mini than an iPhone 5s. We were also told that it features an edge-to-edge display. We believe this is width-wise, with the display stretching to fill the width of the new iPhone 6, on which the screen is said to measure 4.7in diagonally. The iPhone 5s has almost 5mm of space taken up by a bezel around the side of the phone, so this will make good use of the space available, and allow a bigger screen without making the iPhone itself massive.

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 with its 4in display it said that it felt that the 4in display was the perfect size as it allowed one-handed use. However, the popularity of bigger smartphones from the likes of Samsung and others has caused Apple to reassess the situation, it would seem.

It is likely that Apple will have sought to keep the size of the iPhone to a minimum while allowing a bigger screen.

The iPad mini-like design that our source spoke of, suggests that rather than the square edges you see currently, the new iPhone 6 will have rounded edges like the iPad mini.

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