iOS 14 has been adopted by nine in ten iPhone (and iPod touch) users, indicating that the vast majority of iPhones in use must be capable of running iOS 14.

It has been almost seven months since the launch of iOS 14 and already nine in ten users have upgraded their iPhone or iPod Touch to run the current version.

According to the latest statistics from Mixpanel the share for iOS 14 is around 90%, while the share for iOS 13 is 5%. This means that the remaining 5% run iOS 12 or older.

It is probable that the iPhones that haven’t been updated are unable to be upgraded to iOS 14 cannot run the new software - those users are forced to run an older version of iOS. It follows that the 5% of iPhones being used are either the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus which only run iOS 12. For more information about which iPhones support which version of iOS read: How long does Apple support old iPhones?

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by Karen Haslam.