Following iPod underwear and iPod baby clothes, now PopXpress has revealed its new range of iPod lingerie.

The company has chosen the eve of April 1 to announce its new 'ipopBra'. This garment (allegedly) carries a concealed pocket for your iPod along with built-in control buttons.

The garment is available in white or black and in cup sizes ranging from A(pril) to F(ool). The bra costs £29.95.

Gear4's also in on this year's first day of April fad for bogus iPod novelties, with the introduction of its new iRon gadget.

This apparently is a "revolutionary cable-free travel iRon for the iPod", the company states. This foldable travel iron plays music and is powered by the iPod's battery. Its steam jets are "controlled by the tunes playing on the iPod".

Equipped with two 6-watt speakers, the iPod screen displays water level, temperature and remaining battery life.

Gear 4 managing director Tom Dudderidge said: "I find that most Snoop Doggy Dog tracks on the iRon will transform even the most wrinkled garment in minutes, whereas Barbara Streisand or Barry Manilow is perfect for less resistant clothes and Bach is just great for silks and other delicates."

There's a host of other amusing iPod-related products hosted on Pimp Your Pod.

Happy April 1, everyone. More nonsense expected...