If you're looking to buy an iPod, you might be surprised to find that there is a choice of five different iPod models to choose from: iPod shuffle, iPod nano, budget iPod touch, iPod classic and the full-featured iPod touch. Which should you buy? Here, we help you decide.

Best iPod for teenagers

We'll bet that, at some point, your teenage kids have asked for an iPod for their birthday, but which should you choose?

Really, it depends on the teenager, but in general, they'll probably be most impressed by an iPod touch. However, you might notice that the iPod touch is the most expensive, at £249 for the 32GB model and 64GB for the £329 model.

There is a cheaper version of the iPod touch, but it'll still set you back £199 for 16GB capacity.

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Alternatively, you could go for the £129 iPod nano, which still has a touchscreen (albeit much smaller) and also comes in a variety of colours.

iPod nano vs iPod touch

So, what's the difference between the iPod nano and the iPod touch?

Let's start with the full-featured iPod touch. It has a lot in common with the iPhone 5, including the 4in Retina touchscreen display, front and rear-facing cameras, a very similar design and the ability to run apps.

Teenagers love the iPod touch because it lets them take photos, play games, access Facebook and Twitter and send messages to their friends for free via iMessage and other instant messaging apps. They can use it to store their music and videos, too.

It also comes in multiple colours, including blue, yellow and red.

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The cheaper iPod touch model, which is £199 and has 16GB capacity, still has the 4in Retina display and front-facing camera, as well as the ability to run the aforementioned apps and store music and videos, but it doesn't have a rear-facing camera or additional colour options.

The iPod nano, on the other hand, has a range of colour options including purple, pink, yellow, green, blue and red. You won't be able to download apps from the iTunes Store for your iPod nano, but you can store music, films, TV shows, videos, podcasts, audiobooks and podcasts on the iPod nano.

It has a small, 2.5in touchscreen display, and is therefore super portable. Plus, it's a little cheaper than the iPod touches, at £129 for 16GB.

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Best iPod for sporty people

If you're looking for an iPod that can keep you motivated while you're working out, you'll probably want to choose between the iPod shuffle and the iPod nano, because both of them have features that'll come in handy for gym-goers.

iPod shuffle vs iPod nano

If you're not fussy about fancy features, and just want the iPod for music, you'll probably find the iPod shuffle sufficient.

It only has 2GB of storage, so you won't fit thousands of songs on it, but you'll probably squeeze around 250 songs on there at an average of four minutes each. Unless your workout is more than 16 hours long (we feel out of breath just thinking about that), you should have enough music to keep you going.

What's handy about the shuffle is the clip on the back, which you can use to attach the iPod to your clothing so it doesn't fall out of your pocket while you're on the treadmill.

As you've probably spotted, the iPod shuffle is lacking a display, so it can prove a bit tricky finding a particular song. But, we imagine that you won't want to be searching through your songs while you're out keeping fit anyway.

You can sync multiple playlists to the iPod shuffle, though, and also activate Genius Mixes for automatically generated playlists. You can switch between playlists using the VoiceOver feature, which tells you the name of the playlist.

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For a bit more of a feature-filled experience, the iPod nano might be more ideal. It's more than three times the price of the iPod shuffle, so you'll want to seriously consider whether you need the extra features.

It's really light and portable, so it's not going to weigh you down, but it doesn't come with a clip. You can purchase accessories to help keep your iPod nano secure while you're working out, though, but that adds to the cost, of course.

It's got 16GB capacity, so you can fit eight times the amount of music on it than you can on the iPod shuffle, but that space can be used up quickly if you want to store photos, videos or album artwork on it.

Unlike the shuffle, the iPod nano has a display, so it's easier to navigate through your music, and it also has Bluetooth technology so you can listen wirelessly if you've got compatible headphones or speakers.

There's also built-in FM radio for additional listening capabilities.

Specifically for sporty types, and maybe the deciding factor for you, the iPod nano has a Nike+ support and a pedometer built in, so you can track your steps, distance, pace, time and calories burned.

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Best iPod for gamers

There's no question that the iPod touch is best for gamers. After all, it's the only iPod that lets you download apps from the iTunes App Store, and there are thousands to choose from.

If you're planning on storing a lot of games on your iPod touch, you might be best to go for the 64GB model, because Retina-ready apps can take up a significant amount of space each.

Plus, with AirPlay Mirroring, you can wirelessly share the game you're playing with a television if you have an Apple TV, using the iPod touch as a controller and viewing the picture on the bigger screen.

There's also Game Center, which lets you compete with other gamers to get the highest score and the most achievements.

Best iPod for music lovers

If the main reason for buying an iPod is to listen to music, and you've got lots of it, then you can't beat the iPod classic for capacity. It can store a whopping 160GB of media, which is around 20,000 songs for a total of eight weeks of endless listening.

It hasn't been updated since 2009, so it's a little neglected by Apple, but the iPod classic still does the trick if you're a serious music lover and you need a way to carry it all around with you.

You can also sync your music videos to your iPod classic should you wish to watch them while you're out and about, but the small display doesn't provide the best viewing experience.

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iPod touch vs iPhone

Finally, we want to help you decide whether it's worth really going for it and scrapping the idea of an iPod completely, in favour of buying an iPhone.

The iPhone 5 and the iPod touch have a lot in common. They both have the same display, they can both run iOS apps, store music and other media, and take photos.

You can't get 3G or calls and text messages for the iPod touch, though, so the internet is limited to WiFi.

Also, the rear camera on the iPhone 5 is 8-megapixels compared with the iPod touch's 5-megapixels, and the iPhone 5 has an A6 chip while the iPod touch shares its A5 chip in common with the iPhone 4S.

Then of course, there's the price. To buy the iPhone 5 unlocked from Apple it'll cost you at least £529.

However, have you considered Apple's older iPhone models? The 8GB iPhone 4 is still available from the Apple Store for £319, and you can get a 16GB iPhone 4S for £449.

With an iPhone, though, it's not just the upfront cost that you'll need to consider. There will also be bills involved to pay for data, texts and calls.

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