Despite the addition of video support, for most iPod owners the device is all about the music, fresh research explains.

In October, Nielsen Media Research conducted a survey confirming that most users spend the majority of their time using the player as a player, rather than a video-playback device.

This isn't particularly surprising, as music playback is something a user can enjoy while they travel around; video playback, on the other hand, is a sedentary activity.

The researchers monitored a panel of 400 iPod users to arrive at its unsurprising conclusion that music playback is the iPod's most-used feature.

They found that 2.2 per cent of the content items played by iPod video users is video, they spend 11 per cent of playback time watching video on the device. The company also collected data on video-usage patterns on iPods that lack video support. Startlingly, few people use iPods that don't support video to play video.

15.8 per cent of iPod users have played a video on an iPod or through iTunes. And about 13 per cent of US households own at least one iPod.

The researchers also confirmed the software they used to monitor habits delivered some incomplete data, citing "technical problems".