Griffin Technology's iTrip FM transmitter for the iPod will not ship in the UK because of radio-communications regulations here.

iTrip broadcast songs from iPods to an FM radio receiver within 30 feet. The product works in the 87.5-108MHz frequency band, which is regulated under UK law.

A spokesperson for the UK Radiocommunications Agency explained that, despite the relative short range of such signals, the frequency concerned is subject to licensing under Section 1 of the UK's Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949.

"As the FM broadcast band is allocated for the exclusive use of licensed broadcasters no other systems are permitted to operate within the band," the agency explained.

The ruling applies to all such products, including CD players and attachments for mobile phones. The regulator explains that breaking such regulation carries heavy penalties.

"Use of these systems is an offence and can lead to the prosecution of the user and the supplier of the equipment and seizure of the equipment causing the interference and of the suppliers stock," the regulator warned.

On account of this ruling, Griffin's UK distributor AM Micro will not handle the product in the UK. This means neither company will accept any responsibility for users or resellers importing this product into the UK for sale.