Apple's iTunes Music Store has won two awards.

iTunes received nominations in three different categories in the Webby Awards: Commerce, Music and Services. Although Apple was victorious in the Commerce and Music categories, it lost our to Google in the Services category.

The Webby Awards are described as "the online Oscars" by Time Magazine and seek to reflect the Web's ever-increasing impact on everything from pop culture to politics, according to award organiser, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS).

Winners are selected by IADAS, but the online community had a chance to determine the winners of The People's Voice Awards by voting online.

In the Commerce category Apple beat Big Fun Toys, eBay, Martha Stewart Living, and Netflix. The People's Voice Winner in this category was eBay.

Apple beat BeatPort, Bleep, Live 365, and Musicplasma in the Music category. The company was also the People's Voice Winner in that category.

In addition to category winner Google, other companies nominated for Services were Gracenote, Meetup, and MIT OpenCourseWare.

Winners ranged from (Best Community) for its free, community-built encyclopedia, to the official site for the Oscar-winning documentary The Fog of War (Best Film) to beliefnet (Best Spirituality).

BBC-affiliated web sites received three awards: BBC Human Body (Best Education), BBC News (Best News), and BBC Sport (Best Sports).