Apple may introduce remote control and iTunes collection streaming within iPhone Software 2.0, a report claims.

TUAW reports the software contains references to a utility that allows the iPhone or iPod touch to play media from nearby iTunes sources, and includes mentions of dialogue boxes to allow users to choose their source library or media type.

It’s Apple TV-like feature, (called iControl?), that theoretically would enable playback of any iTunes content over a local network, in the same way as Apple TV allows users to stream media from multiple iTunes libraries.

The report speculates this could also take the form of a remote control, allowing users of either device a visual interface with which to control playback on an iTunes library (kind of like a far more sophisticated remote control for Front Row).

TUAW concedes the data is thin, and the reports may be inaccurate - but the continued appearance of reports detailing features hidden within iPhone Software 2.0 underlines the interest surrounding the softwar, scheduled to ship in June.