There's a treat in store for retro Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" users - the release of a brand new Widget featuring the infamous Jared: Butcher of Song.

Wikipedia explains the meaning of the moment: "Jared Smith is an American amateur singer specializing in Spanish. His singing career achived some notoriety in the mid-90s when his brothers Colin and Ian of Freeverse Software combined a recording of his singing with an animated smiley face. The resulting program was intended to be their mother's birthday gift."

The singing yellow smiley was passed from friend to friend, eventually emerging as a cult classic - because Jared's singing crossed the talent barrier to emerge as a typical example of the "so bad it's good" genre.

On the Widget release, Freeverse explains: "Never has Jared been as much of a waste of hard drive space as he is as a Widget.

"On the plus side, Jared is yellow. I'm fond of yellow. Oh, and he's free. So head on over to our Jared page and download him. You'll be sorry you did!"