Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Apple's head of industrial design Jonathan Ive were in London last night to collect coveted design awards from Design and Art Direction (D&AD).

Ive took perhaps his biggest professional recognition yet, a special award in recognition of his world-class achievements in design. He was awarded the D&AD President's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry. This award is chosen by D&AD president Dick Powell.

Ive an "inspiration" - Jobs

Thrilled, Ive accepted the award. Jobs then climbed the stage, hugged Jonathan Ive and took the microphone to deliver an upbeat speech praising Apple's legendary designer.

Though no acceptance speeches were given by other awards recipients, Jobs had previously told the D&AD that he would like to say something about Ive. Given that Ive was receiving a President's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry, the D&AD agreed to this.

Jobs began his speech by offering his own personal thanks and recognition for the designer's "outstanding contribution" to Apple.

"I work with Jonathan (Ive) every day, and he's a fantastic guy to work with," said Jobs. He called Ive "very inspirational", and said he was "proud to be up here with Ive accepting his President's Award", from the D&AD.

Designer love

A series of video clips featuring leading designers who have worked with Ive in the past was shown before these moments took place. Praise came from luminaries such as fashion designer Paul Smith, Orange world customer experience director Clive Grinyer, Design Museum director Alice Rawsthorn: all three said how much they admired Ive's work.

Perhaps the funniest moment in the positive sentiment thrown at the London-born designer last night came from Seymour Powell creative director Richard Seymour, who said he "hated" Ive because he was "so bloody brilliant".

iPods and Cinema Displays take Silvers

Apple's fourth-generation iPod, the iPod mini, and the Cinema Display also won D&AD awards for product design. The iPods featured in the Products for the Home category. Both received a Silver Award – a Yellow Pencil. The Cinema Display received a Yellow Pencil in the Products for Work and Industry category.

No company received a rarely awarded Gold Award – or Black Pencil – in the product design category this year.

Last year Apple won a Yellow Pencil for the PowerBook range. In 2003 the iMac won a Silver Award. In 2002 the PowerBook won a Yellow Pencil as did the iBook.

In 2002 the iPod won a highly coveted Black Pencil. Apple has won a Gold Award every year from 1999 to 2003.

This year Gold Awards were awarded to Honda's advertising agency for the latest Honda advert, and to Channel 4 for their brand identity.

The D&AD says its purpose is to set creative standards, educate, inspire and promote good design and advertising.