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While Apple fans and business geeks rushed to see the new ‘Jobs’ movie in the US on 16 August, and then download it from iTunes in the US in November, but over on this side of the Atlantic we’re still waiting to learn the UK release date of the Steve Jobs biopic.

Jobs movie reviews: Critics have their say about Steve Jobs film starring Ashton Kutcher

The Jobs movie, directed by Joshua Michael Stern, looks at the period of Apple history prior to the company’s dramatic return to success. It starts with Steve Jobs dropping out of college and going on to found Apple Computer with super-geek Steve Wozniak, played by Josh Gad.

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It also includes scenes from Jobs’ hippy travels in India, and trawls through the exciting history of Apple Computer at the beginning of the personal computer era.

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We assumed that the UK release date would be announced soon after the US cinema release, but we're still waiting for the Jobs movie to arrive on our screens. We'll update you as soon as we hear word on the cinema release date, if there is one, and also as soon as we know when the movie is available on DVD.

In the US, the Jobs movie is now available to buy on iTunes, and also on Amazon. Here in the UK, however, there's no sign of the film in iTunes and only a US Blu-ray import available on Amazon.

As all Apple buffs know Jobs was forced out of the company he founded by John Sculley, the man he brought over to Apple from Pepsi to beef up Apple’s marketing. Steve was not happy about this! See also: Apple A-Z: everything you need to know about Apple.

Aged just 30 the super charismatic Jobs quickly founded NeXT to sell workstation computers into the higher education market. NeXT didn’t fare well but its NeXTStep operating system was eventually bought by Apple for more than $400m as the basis of what would become Mac OS X.

Also while he was away from Apple Jobs acquired animation software company Pixar, which he went on to turn into such a movie success that it was bought by Disney, making Jobs himself Disney’s biggest shareholder.

But the greatest success Steve Jobs made after being fired from Apple was returning to the company he founded and spectacularly turning around its fortunes and creating the most valuable company in the US through cool advertising and killer products such as the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The Jobs movie doesn’t go further than the edge of that success, so focuses on the Apple story before most of the world got to know about the company.

34-year-old Kutcher is ready for criticism for the army of Apple fanboys.

"It's really scary when everyone has a right to be like a legitimate critic. Because he was very public. There are people here who probably know him way better than I do, who shook his hand, knew him, hung out with him. So that's terrifying. Especially when you're playing somebody that people really admired," he said at the closing film of the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

The actor says he watched "hundreds of hours of footage," listened to Jobs' past speeches and interviewed his friends to prepare for the role.

Rolling Stone wrote that "Kutcher nails the genius and narcissism. It's a quietly dazzling performance".

A second Jobs movie written by West Wing and Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin is based on the authorized Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. Sorkin has said that it will be made up of just three scenes before major Apple product launches: the Mac in 1984, NeXT in 1985 and the iPod in 2001.

Pirates of Silicon Valley movie

An earlier biopic movie ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ (1999) looked at the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, and starred Noah Wyle of ER fame.