The comical but generally pretty reliable tech leaker Jon Prosser has made the bizarre promise that if the AirTags or AirPods Studio are announced at tonight's Apple event, he will shave off his eyebrows. If both are announced, he added, he will also shave his head, and as if this wasn't enough, he further pledged to delete his account if any of the late-2020 iPhones get a 120Hz screen.

Prosser - or as nobody except me calls him, Prosstradamus - isn't infallible, and has got a couple of fairly big calls wrong over the past year: he claimed (or strongly implied) that Apple was going to rebrand iOS as iPhoneOS, and then predicted the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 and new iPad on a day that actually saw the release of an invitation to an event the following week... although the two products did indeed appear at that event.

But he's been on a good roll lately, and we'd assume he's extraordinarily confident about his information to make such rash promises. This leads us to assume that multiple trusted sources are telling him that the AirTags and AirPods Studio are going to be delayed past tonight, and that every model of the iPhone 12 will be stuck with a screen refresh rate of 60Hz.

It may give you an idea of Prosser's likable but unorthodox style when I report that this isn't the first time he's offered to shave off his eyebrows. He offered to do exactly the same thing if the iPhone 12 was announced at Apple's 15 September event - and it wasn't.

You can find out if Prosser's eyebrows or Twitter account are in jeopardy by watching the iPhone 12 launch event live.