Apple’s senior vice president of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive has revealed that Apple’s goal isn’t to “make money” but to “design the very best products we can”.

Speaking to the BBC’s James Naughtie, Ive said: “It’s fairly fundamental to our success at Apple that we’re very clear about what our goals are, and our goals aren’t compartmentalizing, our goal is very simple, it’s to design the very best products we can. And we trust that if we manage to do that, if we are successful there, then there are a number of consequences. People will like the product, hopefully they will buy the product, and we will make some money. But the goal isn’t to make money, it's to develop the very best products that we can.”

Ive explains that he believes that the designer’s job is becoming more complex: “I think the challenges are more significant now, than they have been in the past.” He adds that: “the consequences of getting it wrong are also more significant.”

The consequences of getting it right are seeing people using your products; something that Ive admits is “of course really exciting”. Ive describes seeing people using iPads and iPhones is “incredibly encouraging because it's a real affirmation because the reason that we do what we do isn’t to design products for ourselves. The whole point of what we do is to design for other people, and so when you actually see other people using the products it’s of course really exciting.”

It looks like Ive will continue to design products for Apple for years to come. Speaking about what he wants to do next, Ive said: “I would like to work with the same team that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with for the past 15 years and just learn together and work on trying to solve the same sorts of problems that we’ve tried to solve over the last 15 years.”

You can listen to the whole Jonathan Ive interview here