Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has just had his first in-depth interview with Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. In the interview, with Josh Tyrangiel, he talks about everything from what it's like to work at Apple, being the most famous CEO in the world, dealing with Samsung, and Steve Jobs.

Tim Cook Businessweek

It's a great interview, and at 12 pages long a lengthy read. You can read the full interview here. Here are some of our favourite quotes:

On Apple now Tim Cook is in charge:

"All the things that have made Apple so special are the same as they have always been. ... the DNA of the company, the thing that makes our heart beat, is a maniacal focus on making the best products in the world. Not good products, or a lot of products, but the absolute best products in the world."

About Apple's secretive nature

"It’s a recognition that we need to be supersecretive in one part about our products and our road maps. But there are other areas where we will be completely transparent so we can make the biggest difference. That’s kind of the way we look at it."

On filling Steve Jobs' shoes as Apple CEO

"This has been different. This, you know. (Pause.) This has been different. So I have had to adjust to that. I’m a private person, so that’s been a bit of a surprise for me, not something I would have predicted. Maybe I should have."

On being famous

"I don’t feel famous. You know, I lead a simple life. My life is incredibly simple. But what’s changed is that, yeah, people recognize me."

Life after Steve Jobs

"Obviously, if I could rewind the clock, Steve would still be here. He was a dear friend—much more than a boss. But I love being CEO of Apple. I love it."

On Apple customers

"With Apple, my first day at work I crossed a picket line to get in the building! There was a picket line of customers who were protesting, because Steve had decided to kill the Newton device. And it was because they cared so deeply about it. And I thought, 'This is amazing'."

On his personal life

"When you start reading about yourself, it’s almost—it’s like a caricature ... the person you read about is robotic. There are some good things about that, perhaps. (Laughs.) Discipline comes to mind. But it sounds like there is just no emotion. People that know me, I don’t think they would say that."

Apple's pressure bar

"There’s more pressure that comes from within than from the outside. Our customers have an incredibly high bar for us. We have an even higher bar for ourselves."

Daily working life

"As I look around the table at the executive team, arguably, at least in my opinion, we have the best designer in the world, the top silicon expert in the world, the best operational executive in the world, and the best leaders in marketing, software, hardware, and services."

On the price of Apple products

"A great product doesn’t mean an expensive product. It means a fair price. ... when we can do great products and achieve a great price, we feel great. But what we wouldn’t do is say, “We’ve got to have something for this price, and then let’s see what we can do for it.” That’s not how we think."

About Samsung

"Life is a complex thing sometimes, and yes, it’s awkward. It is awkward. I hate litigation. I absolutely hate it."

On Steve Jobs

"He was a friend, and it’s - I guess the external view of that is that he’s a boss, but when you work with someone for that long, for me anyway, the relationship is really important. You know? I don’t want to work with people I don’t like. Life is too short. So you do become friends. Life has too few friends."