founder's 'reactive music' album is proving a hit with Apple iPhone and iPod touch users with 150,000 downloads from the App Store in two months.

RjDj, an innovative new concept in music, was created by founder Michael Breidenbruecker and offers an interactive musical experience. is a popular online radio station for sharing and streaming music and creating playlists.

The iPhone application, which makes music out of the world around us, is being dubbed 'reactive music'.

RjDj enables anyone with an iPhone to incorporate the sounds around them into the music they are listening to.

"In the digital music age, people have so much choice that they quickly grow bored of the same old tracks," says Michael Breidenbruecker, founder at RjDj.

"RjDj enables artists to create reactive music that their listeners can integrate into their world as it changes through their day. We are effectively building a bridge between the music an artist creates in a studio and the environment that their listeners are in so they can create a soundtrack for their life and expand the amount of time their fans spend with their music."

The RjDj album is available from the Apple App Store and costs £1.79. A RjDj single is available as a free download.

A YouTube RjDj video is available here.

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