Twitter user Fudge has previously leaked various information about products from Apple and other tech manufacturers. Now he has released a grainy photo of the "sports variant" of the AirPods Studio, as Apple's rumoured full-size headphones are expected to be called.

In addition to the picture, Fudge has also released a short video showing a version of the product with white covers.

The headphones are described as follows: a HomePod-style mesh material on the headband and ear cushions; covers in anodised aluminium (available in various colours); and a steel frame holding the headphones together. There's a Lightning connector on the underside of one cover but no 3.5mm audio jack. A version in leather is also expected.

Jon Prosser responded angrily to Fudge's post, and many other replies share his sentiments. Prosser claims to have had the imagery already, and argued that sharing it puts his source at risk because it contains identifiable tags; he prefers to commission and share 3D renders based on identifiable images, rather than the images themselves.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.