A 69p iOS app appeared on Apple’s iTunes Store on 20 April, enabling users to stream 55 TV channels straight to their iPad or iPhone without any additional cost. It was downloaded by thousands, and received over 2000 five star reviews. The app, however, has now been revealed as a scam.

Several sites spotted the app, called TV English Premium over the weekend, and reported that the universal app worked well on devices even if they had not been jailbroken. Channels available to watch without any subscription payments included Sky Movies HD, BBC HD, Disney XD HD, and more, some of which would usually require a subscription to services such as Sky TV or Virgin Media.

It is likely that Apple will pull the app in the near future, as it is bound to be a violation of the App Store’s terms and conditions, and it is probably illegal. We don't yet know how the app managed to slip past Apple in the iTunes App Store approval process.

Since its successful launch, the developer, Shahla Ghrhchori, has replaced the 55 channels with an ad for Futubox HD which claims: “Futubox streaming requires an internet speed of 5Mb/s or more. The € 7,99 for a high quality TV and movie experience is a great alternative to the paltry choice of Cable, Dishes or Blu-ray discs on the retail shelves that cost € 30 each.”

(Above: A screengrab from the app on an iPad)

TV English Premium is still available to buy from the App Store, but now has almost 1500 one star reviews, and we expect that it will be pulled quickly when Apple hears about the situation.

Update: We have recieved reports that the app is working again, with no advertisements in sight. We will continue to update the story as we find out more.

Update two: After checking the App Store on 24 April, we've discovered that Tv English Premium is nowhere to be found. Apple is likely to have pulled the app following the app's negative press coverage.