A month on from Apple's announcement that it would stop making the HomePod, stocks of the Siri-based smart speaker still haven't run out.

At time of writing HomePods are available for purchase in almost the entire US, reports 9to5Mac. The site notes that YouTuber Michael Kukielka has bought two new models since Apple discontinued it, and was astonished to find that these were original launch units from three years ago.

Apple's UK site, meanwhile, has a label saying "While stocks last", but we found that both the white and Space Grey versions were available for delivery within two days.

All of this points to alarmingly low demand for the doomed speaker. But this is hardly a surprise; if Apple had made a fortune selling the HomePod, it would not have discontinued the product. We are fond of the HomePod - in our review we said it "sounds awesome with just about any genre of music" - but the price, and the limitations of Siri, have stopped it winning wider commercial success.

Apple announced on 12 March that it would sell off the remaining stock of HomePod, and then only sell the smaller HomePod mini model. But it seems the first part of the plan is taking longer than expected.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.