Like its near-namesake Apple TV+, the Apple TV is struggling to maintain its share of a competitive market.

This may be because most modern TVs have built-in apps, which means a reduced interest in watching TV via separate accessories such as Apple TV and Chromecast. When Apple TV was launched in 2007, smart TVs were less prevalent.

According to a new survey from Strategy Analytics, Apple TV now has a market share of just 2% if you include smart TVs, media players and game consoles in the figures - all of which are options for people looking to stream digital media. The share for Chromecast, meanwhile, is 3%, which is enough for tenth place on the list.

A total of 1.14 billion units are covered in the survey, so a single percentage point corresponds to roughly 11.4 million units.

Apple TV market share

Image courtesy of Strategy Analytics

Streaming video market share:

  1. Samsung 14%
  2. Sony 12%
  3. LG 8%
  4. Hisense 5%
  5. TCL 5%
  6. Amazon 5%
  7. Nintendo 4%
  8. Microsoft 4%
  9. Skyworth 3%
  10. Google 3%
  11. Vizio 3%
  12. Sharp 3%
  13. Roku 3%
  14. Philips 3%
  15. Xiaomi 3%
  16. Apple 2%
  17. Changhong 2%
  18. Panasonic 2%
  19. Konka 2%
  20. Haier 1%
  21. Toshiba 1%
  22. Insignia 1%

Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple TV in the near future. But whether new features and upgraded specs will be enough to kickstart demand remains to be seen: do people even need a separate streaming box these days?

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.