The new iPad Pro with M1 chip sets performance records. Not only is it over 50 percent faster than its predecessor, it even beats the MacBook Pro with i9 processor which costs more than £2,799/$2,799.

The first benchmarks have been published on Geekbench for the new iPad Pro with the M1 chip. The results are outstanding. The benchmarks, five in number, result in an average of 1,718 in single-core and 7,284 in multi-core. This means that the fifth generation of the iPad Pro is around 56% faster than its predecessor - the A12Z chip - which was already considered a speed champion. The A12Z-iPad achieved an average of 1,121 points for single-core and 4,656 for multi-core.

The iPad Pro with M1 is therefore only marginally slower than the MacBook Air with the same chip; the MacBook achieves an average of 1,701 points in single-core and 7,378 in multi-core. This is particularly impressive when you consider that the iPad Pro has to make significantly more compromises in terms of available power and cooling.

But the iPad Pro not only performs surprisingly well in comparison to Apple's specially designed chips. In a direct comparison, the new iPad Pro even beats the top-of-the-range 16in MacBook Pro, which is equipped with a ninth-generation Intel i9 eight-core processor. This processor is a bit old (Intel has just released the eleventh generation of the i9 CPUs), but it is still the most powerful Intel processor that is built into MacBooks right now. And probably the last if you consider the performance of Apple's own M-Chips. The Intel MacBook had to admit defeat in a direct comparison with the M1-powered MacBook Air and 13in MacBook Pro. It achieved an average of only 1,091 points for single-core and 6,845 points for multi-core.

The graphics performance of the M1 iPad Pro has increased even more than its predecessor and is on a par with the M1 Macs. An average metal score of 20,578 means an increase of over 70 percent compared to the iPad Pro with A12Z.

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The fifth generation of the iPad Pro can be pre-ordered with delivery starting in the second half of May. However, the estimated delivery time in Apple's online store is currently June for the 11in and July for the 12.9in model. For the impatient among you, we have created a guide on where you can possibly get hold of the iPad Pro earlier, and for money off a new iPad read our round up of iPad deals.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.