iOS has had a complete makeover with iOS 7, adopting transparent elements and ditching skeuomorphism. Mac OS X has yet to take on the new look with Mavericks, but that hasn't stopped Apple watchers from imagining what the operating system could look like if Apple's Jony Ive gets his hands on it.

The next Mac operating system, most commonly referred to as OS X 10.10 or OS X 11, is expected to arrive next year, and it's quite possible that it will have a redesign that takes cues from the minimalist style of iOS 7.

Andrew Ambrosino has created a mockup of what OS X 11 could look like, bringing iOS 7's icons, fonts, translucent blurs and flatter design to the Mac software.

Above: iOS 7-esque Notification Center in OS X 11

Above: We assume that the toggle icon in the dock is for a Mac OS X Control Center like the one found in iOS 7.

Apple is believed to be working on an early version of OS X 11 already. It's been spotted in web analytics reports since October, showing a steady increase.

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