Nearly one in five (17 percent) of Brits that own an Apple iPad have more than one tablet PC in their household.

Research from YouGov's UK TabletTrack study revealed 37 percent of iPad owners say their partner uses their tablet PC, while 14 percent admitted they purchased another iPad because their child was using it.

Furthermore, nearly a fifth of iPad owners (19 percent) admit they are considering purchasing a second tablet PC, with 71 percent of these admitting this will also be an Apple iPad.

However, YouGov also believes the selection of newer tablet PC that are being released next year may also ensure the number of households with two of more tablet PCs increase as 18 percent of Apple iPad owners said they will purchase other brands of tablet PCs that are released in the future.

"Tablets are attractive pieces of hardware and they attract people to them. Recommendation and buzz is strong and this drives multi-tablet households where utility levels are high," said YouGov.