The iPad 2 hit the UK on 26 March this year and has received little but praise since. Jason Snell's review of the tablet explains in great detail all about the features and upgrades of the iPad 2 and was one of the most viewed stories this year.

The late Steve Jobs announced the iPad 2's arrival at an Apple event in San Francisco in March earlier this year. According to Reuters, analysts estimated that almost 1 million iPads were sold in the first weekend in the US, whereas the first iPad didn't reach the 1 million mark until 4 weeks after its release.

Possibly the most pleasing thing about the iPad 2 was not its software or hardware but in fact its price. In the UK the iPad 2 was lower than the original iPad, this came as a welcome surprise to many customers as it meant they received many improvements and updates without having to pay a penny more for the privilege. The cheapest iPad at the initial release was £429 for 16GB iPad 2 without 3G, the new iPads were price from £399 for the entry level model, up to £659 for the 64GB 3G model.

New features of the iPad 2 included: Front and back cameras, a curved back and no sides and an A5 dual core processor – the same chip to be found inside the more recent iPhone 4S - as well as iOS 5 capability. Whilst the iPad 2 has been described as, "evolutionary not revolutionary", it is certainly a huge step forward. The two cameras make using FaceTime easy and video-conferencing is simple. The iPad 2 isn't exactly the ideal device for filming but comes with comprehensive and easy to use editing software – iMovie.

No mention has been made of an iPad 3 by Apple yet but some expected it to have arrived by now and others are predicting it for an entrance in March 2012.