Bryce publishers DAZ Productions have made a version of the flagship 3D software available for free download online.

The 140MB download is of Bryce 5.5 with versions for Mac and for Windows available. It joins Bryce 5.0 and DAZ|Studio as the latest addition to DAZ Productions' lineup of free software.

"Having a full version of Bryce 5.5 for free is a much better option than a feature-limited demo of Bryce 6," said Dan Farr, president of DAZ Productions. "We know that thousands of potential 3D artists are simply lacking the tools to unleash their creativity. By offering these applications for free, those individuals are able to begin realizing their potential today and join the growing wave of 3D enthusiasts.”

The software is capable of creating photo-realistic 3D landscapes using an easy to navigate user interface, meaning it's accessible to users at any level of experience.

Features include the capacity to add buildings or people to Bryce-created landscapes (taken from the software's built-in 3D image library).

Users can also adjust light levels and sources, and plant trees and other vegetation custom-built in the application's 'Tree Lab'. Upgraded features include an improved terrain editor, OpenGL support, improved network-rendering with Bryce Lightning 2.0, and over 50 per cent render speed increase.

Once downloaded, users must visit the company's website in order to gain access to their free Bryce serial number. This is an older version of the popular application as Bryce 6 is now available.

The software is available here for download.