The iPad 2 will support 720p video, have a built-in compass and port to connect to external monitors and TVs, it has been claimed.

Web developer Chris Galzerano wrote on his blog that he had been digging around in the third iOS 4.3 beta, which was released earlier this week, and found evidence of support for 720p video in the iPad 2.

"In the Core Services folder, there is a bundle called RawCamera. I looked inside the bundle, and there was nothing of interest. I looked in the package and found a surprise. There was a file called K48AP.plist. It showed capabilities of the iPad 2. All of the values were checked. Some of the important ones were: 720p (meaning the iPad would either play or record 720p video), magnetometer (meaning that the ipad 2 would have a compass like the iPhone 3GS, and displayport (Meaning the iPad 2 would have a displayport to connect external monitors and TVs)," wrote Galzerano.

Interestingly, Galzerano also found evidence of a 3MP camera, whereas many previous reports suggested that the iPad 2 would have a front-facing 0.3MP camera and a rear-facing 1MP camera.

The first beta version of the iOS 4.3 beta seemed to reveal evidence of front- and rear-facing cameras in the iPad 2, and raised questions about the presence of the Home button.

Further evidence of a front-facing camera in the iPad 2 was seemingly spotted at the launch event of The Daily on Wednesday, when a Reuters reporter saw someone using what was believed to be a prototype iPad 2.