Three quarters of people (78%) surveyed by Adobe think that creativity is key to driving economic growth, but a massive 80% feel that there is increasing pressure to be more productive rather than creative.

While 51% revealed that they are expected to think creatively whilst at work, just over a third (35%) of those surveyed feel they are living up to their creative potential.

According to Adobe’s survey, UK staff are meeting a number of challenges to being creative. Almost half of those surveyed (46%) say that they don’t have enough time to be creative. Some are encouraged not to take risks, with 69% saying that risk aversion stifles their creativity. Another factor is lack of money – 42% say that they cannot afford to be creative.

Other factors negatively affecting creativity in the UK are self-doubt, with 31% feeling they lack the confidence to be truly creative. The education system is blamed by 61% of respondents who feel that creativity is ‘stifled’ by the current education system. Despite this, 66% of the people surveyed feel that the younger generation are more creative than those over 35.

However, there is some positive news, 53% said that technology inspires them to create and gives them the tools they need to express their ideas.

A total of 1,000 adults, 18 years or older were questioned online.

Adobe will be running Creative Week in the UK from the 9 - 13 July. The company says it will be a celebration of creativity in the UK and will consist of a mix of lively debates amongst key influencers, creative challenges set using industry-standard tools, exclusive demonstrations and inspirational case studies – all broadcast live online and free to access through Facebook and YouTube.

Each day will be centred around a different creative theme, involving luminaries, influencers and Adobe evangelists discussing, demonstrating and debating the idea of creativity. Themes for each day include:

Monday 9 July – Creative Industry Overview

Tuesday 10 July – Design & Publishing

Wednesday 11 July – Film & Video

Thursday 12 July – Web & Mobile

Friday 13 July – Photography & Imaging

For more details on the event and to sign up for updates, visit the Creative Week website