Ableton has introduced Ableton Live 7, several new add-on instruments and the Ableton Suite.

Ableton Live 7 features a host of improvements to the popular music mixing and DJing software, including a much improved audio engine and a new compressor device integrating three modes of compression, one of which is based on a feedback design commonly found in vintage compressors.

Additional improvements include the introduction of high quality audio modes in Operator, Dynamic Tube and Saturator, reducing digital artifacts. EQ Eight offers an improved user interface and a 64 bit mode for increased accuracy.

The new Spectrum Analyzer provides visual feedback for any audio signals within Live while the MIDI engine has been reworked to minimize timing error (jitter) of recorded MIDI.

Hardware integration has been streamlined - hardware synthesizers and effects can now be inserted into device chains just like software plug-ins.

New memory management technology allows users of large sample libraries, such as Ableton’s new sampled instruments or third-party libraries imported via Sampler, to run an impressive number of instruments at the same time. This happens automatically, with no setup changes required.

There's better usability, also - time signature changes can be inserted into the Arrangement timeline and tied to Session scenes, while warped and unwarped video can be exported to files

The new add-on instruments include physical models of electric pianos, analogue synthesizers and string instruments as well as multi-mic/multi-layer sampled acoustic drums, and drum machines.

Ableton Suite is a combination of Live 7 plus a choice selection of Ableton instruments. The download version of Ableton Suite includes Live 7, Sampler, Operator, Electric, Analog, Tension and Drum Machines. The boxed version of Ableton Suite additionally includes the Essential Instrument Collection 2 and Session Drums.

All products are available now.

Prices Ableton Live 7
Download version: €419
Boxed version, includes the Essential Instrument Collection 2 (EIC 2): €499.

New Ableton Instruments
Tension: €129
Electric: €129
Analog: €129
Essential Instrument Collection 2: €99
Session Drums: €149
Drum Machines: €69

Ableton Suite
Download version (Ableton Live 7 + Sampler + Operator + Tension + Electric + Analog + Drum Machines): €649
Boxed version (Ableton Live 7 + Sampler + Operator + Tension + Electric + Analog + Drum Machines + Session Drums + Essential Instrument Collection 2): €799

Upgrades from Live 6 to Live 7
Download version: €99
Boxed version: €129

Special upgrade bundle offers, available until 31 December
Ableton Live 7 (boxed version) with Session Drums and Drum Machines: €249
Ableton Suite (download version): €299
Ableton Suite (boxed version): €399