Online retailer Amazon let slip at least four Apple announcements this week, when it published pages for iLife and iWork 07 on its US store.

The published pages detailed two versions each of the two products, one for single users, the other described as a 'family edition'.

The pages offered little information on the new software, though most pre-Macworld Expo rumours agree that both products are due an upgrade, if only because the iLife 06 and iWork 06 names need changing for a new year.

Amazon's pages did touch on system requirements, described (somewhat confusingly) as: "Mac OS X Intel; Mac OS X".

The pages have now been updated. They no longer name the products, instead describing them as "Apple Macworld 2007 Announcement" alongside numbers from one to four.

It's a traditional pattern for Amazon's automated content management system. In 2005, Amazon published details of a 2.7GHz Power Mac G5 before that product was announced; and in 2004, the online retail giant accidentally let slip the release date for Mac OS X 10.4, which eventually shipped in March the following year.

Recent rumours have suggested that iWork 07 may ship with its own spreadsheet application.