Adobe will host a Barcelona event for internet applications developers in October - its first such event in Europe.

The inaugural European Adobe MAX Conference is scheduled to take place between 15-18 October and will feature a keynote address by Adobe senior vice president and chief software architect, Kevin Lynch.

"MAX 2007 Europe will provide a forum for sharing emerging technologies and eliciting feedback directly from European developers and designers while offering them a unique opportunity to network with peers and partners,” said Robert Raiola, Adobe’s senior marketing director. “We are excited to extend the MAX community to engage with the thousands of designers and developers across EMEA.”

MAX 2007 Europe will feature workshops and hands-on sessions including technical support labs, partner exhibits, networking events and presentations from industry experts. In-depth technical sessions will cover a range of Adobe products and will highlight Adobe’s cutting edge technologies.

The event will also be the forum for this year's MAX awards.