Adobe Carousel has been officially renamed Adobe Revel.

The subscription-based photo editing and sharing application was only launched in October 2011. The app comes in iOS and OS X versions which are free to download though subscriptions cost £3.99 per month or £39.99 per year.

The name change was officially revealed on the blog.

"We originally chose the name Adobe Carousel because it was descriptive of core functionality in the product – access to all your photos on any device (i.e., viewing photographs in a circular manner, like a carousel)," wrote Chris Quek, product manager for Adobe Revel.

Adobe Carousel for iOS review

"Revel means to take great pleasure or delight…and that’s what we hope to do in the future as we continue to add more functionality and fun to the app. In the future, you can expect we will also be able to offer additional photography solutions on the newly named Adobe Revel platform."

The name change will become effective as soon as you update the app on your iOS device and your current subscription will not be affected. 

Despite the name change, though, this isn't the last time you'll hear the word 'carousel'. "While the name has changed, we will continue to use the word carousel within the app in reference to a library of photos. You will see buttons to create and delete carousels or photo libraries."

There are also a few minor fixes in version 1.1 of Adobe Revel, including the ability to automatically import photos from the Camera Roll on your iPhone and iPad and photo-sharing via Flickr.